NYC Inspired

Lets start off our day in a sunny studio apartment in NYC's hoppin' East Village.  But first, coffee....

THE best chai latte you will find in NYC..believe me, I've tried them all.

Up next, it's brekky, now I'm from Long Island, so obviously I'm gonna find the best bagels. Uptown? H&H. Downtown? Tompkins Square Bagels...exhibit A

Can't go wrong with the Cucumber Dill Cream Cheese

Now it's time for some shopping, you will literally find every store you need on Broadway

Personal favorite? Zara :)

Is it lunch time already?? Alrighty, lets hop skip and jump over to Five Tacos

This is a legit hole in the wall you will totally pass by and not even know it.  Located on St. Marks between 1st and Avenue A...even their website is ghetto. Best.Tacos.Ever.

Ok, those were heavy, lets chill for a bit and hang around 9th street Community Garden Park

It iiiiiiis magical

All that foliage got you inspired? Head over to Gea's Garden Jewels AND the garden store next to it.  

It's almost like they're competing who can have a cooler outdoor entrance. You'll be happily whistling Enya on the way out

After you've gone back and showered for the night, it's time for dinner.  Lets go to Cafe Mogador

This Mediterranean style restaurant is GREAT for date nights. So good we actually went twice on accident...who knew there was one in Williamsburg too?

To end the night, do as they do in the east village, and go to a speak easy.  Yes, I'm talking about Crif Dogs

This is legit the place you've heard about with the mysterious phone booth that you step into, pick up the phone, and get led through a secret door to the real bar.  Now you're officially NYC

Hope you all enjoyed my favorite spots in the East Village! Cheers to my first blog post, and hopefully they'll get funnier with time and you'll continue on this literary journey with me

Cheers, Kemi

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