"I Think I Can"

       Although I love my collection, and it's my bread and butter, it's the custom orders that I live for.  To make a piece that means SO much to a person, and have it be something they can wear forever is such an incredible/indescribable feeling.

   I recently recieved a custom order request from a girl Stacie and her mother. This is their story:  

       "The phrase "I think I can" comes from the children's book called "The little engine that could". My mom used to read to me when I was little as a bedtime story.  The book is about thinking positive. "If there is a will there is a way" type of lesson. When ever I was upset my mom always said you need to be positive about the situation. If you think you can than you will. 

      So I wanted to wear the words that my mom taught me to whisper to myself whenever I had a problem. My mom will appreciate that it was her positivity in life that gave me the same outlook." 

        Now here's a very detailed description of how I made the pieces, step by step:

First, I find the perfect train silhouette image with good old trusty Google.


Yep, I like that one on the left.

Then I print it out teeeeny tiny on a piece of paper to cut out (2 trains for 2 necklaces).

Shitty printer...

Next, I cut it out and use rubber cement to glue it to a sheet of sterling silver

Next, I saw it out!


Crap, there's a teeny tiny little window I need to get.  

First I drill a hole...

There we go, now I can fit the saw blade through it to cut it from the inside

Hey little guys!

Now, we stamp the main plate 


Lets saw these bad boys out...

Cute! But we gotta clean it up a bit..

MUCH better

Now for the tricky part.  Attaching the train to the chain (I'm a goddamn poet)

I need to attach reaaaally small jumprings (the round pieces) to either side of the train while attaching the chain through it.  


This is REALLY hard cause the chain could A) melt or B) attached altogether in one big blob

Here goes nothing...


Now off to the gold platers to get dipped in goooooldddd

The finished product!

    Really glad I'm able to post about this. Not only for the story, but for my customers to see how much work goes into each and every one of my pieces.  Jewelry making is my passion, and I hope it shows through in my work and for all of you to see.  

    Thanks so much for reading guys.  'Till next time...