How to make the most of your tiny apartment

     If you're like me, you love NYC, every single bit of it.  Even if that means spending 60% of your earnings on rent for an apartment that would fit inside a dorm room bathroom.  Living in the city for 6 years, I've come across some tricks and pointers to make your space seem bigger and overall more pleasant to live in.

   First, go bright and white.  Neutral colors go a long way in a small apartment to make it look open and spacious.  Adding pops of color here and there keeps things looking clean, simple and minimalistic

    Next, cleverly clutter. Dedicate a space to your apartment where you put your favorite findings.  It's such a simple way to bring your personal aesthetic into a space.

       Opt for long curtains that go all the way to the floor.  Nailing the curtain rods above the window frame creates an illusion your room looks taller and windows bigger (and blinds crooked, whoops).

     Hang up shelves.  One great way to store things without cluttering your space is on the walls!  Adding floating shelves is a perfect way to keep all your items in place while adding character and color.  Shelves can be expensive, don't try to overdo it.  I bought mine for an awesome price at Home Depot more saving. more doing. #ad

  Use discrete storage.  I found this mirror at and it's the PERFECT way to keep all my jewelry organized and hidden away.

     Have a favorite statement piece. Whether its a blown up photo, a sculpture, or a decorated cow head like mine, have something that you love be the center of attention in your apartment.

     Finally, plants.  I can't stress this enough. Plants, plants, plants and more plants.  It not only creates an oasis vibe in your apartment, but they bring a liveliness to the indoors as well as clean the what can often be stagnant air in a 4 floor walk up apartment.  Hang them from the ceiling, line your windowsill, cover the floor, fill the bathroom, everywhere and anywhere.  No such thing as too many plants (in my book).  If you're scared of killing them, then buy cacti.  If you kill the cacti too, reconsider reproducing in life.


     Hope this post helps brighten your day and your apartment.  I work out of my studio so having a place that I love to be 24/7 is extremely important.  Happy hump day and thanks for reading!