Swingin' into the 60's

The "group text" went off the other day with a friend asking if flared jeans are back in.  I, personally, feel like they should have never gone out of style, but yes, they're making a come back.  Now that they're in, I'm showing you 5 ways to wear your high waisted flares.

First up:

>>>>Denim on denim<<<<

......the classic Canadian tuxedo, tucked in of course.

>>>>The Crop Top<<<< 

...... Show off some midriff to deviate them from coming off as "mom jeans"

>>>>Lace Details<<<<

....this could be lace or any mock turtle neck, a little Steve Jobs action, if you will.

>>>>The Graphic Tee<<<<

 ......For the concert go-er


     ....The classic look that always goes well with jeans.  Match with an oversized hat and you're ready for #brunch.

                                                                     Jeans: H&M 

Not gonna lie, it was definitely an adventure taking these pics.  Luckily I had my blogger friend Steph from Lets Talk Twenties walk me through it and make me feel a little less awkward posing as people walk by and pretend like what we're doing is completely normal.  

   Hope this post can boost your sixties creativity as spring is fast approaching! Fingers crossed this warm weather stays...