Six new trends for Spring 2016

          I know I spoke about my favorite trend coming out in my last post about high-wasted flares, but I wanted to show you more of whats coming up and what to get excited about. 

      There are some really crazy pieces coming into play this spring (i.e. grandma slip on shoes) and not all of them are for everyone, and thats ok!! It's all about finding the pieces that work for you and create your style.  After all "Fashion is what you buy, Style is what you do with it". Here are my favorite new trends to look out for and where to buy them without exactly breaking the bank. (click on the photos to get re-directed to the link!)

Off The Shoulder

Runway: Michael Kors


Long Waist Coats

Runway: Stella Mccartney

Store: Zara

Shoulder Cut-Outs

Runway: Rebecca Minkoff

Store: H&M


Runway: Erin Featherston

Store: TopShop

Bell Sleeves

Runway: Herve Leger


Ear Crawlers

Runway: Luv AJ

Store: Kemi Designs (shameless plug)

         God I love being a girl.... enjoy and rock out my little KDesign readers!